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    Electrical Panel Services in Lakewood, WAIt might be time to upgrade your electrical panel in Lakewood, WA, if you live in an older home. Also known as a breaker box, the electrical panel is the main control for all electrical circuits in your home. It looks like box and is usually installed in a garage, the basement or a utility room. You probably have seen it when you’ve walked past. If the breaker has ever tripped, you’ve probably interacted with it as well.

    Older homes have breaker boxes that may not have the ability to handle modern life. These panels may not provide sufficient power for everything in your home. After all, as the years go on, most of us have more and more electrical appliances. We might have an espresso machine for the morning instead of getting a coffee at a coffee shop or cold brewing, and we have other appliances that take up space. Some of us have robot automatic vacuum cleaners and rely a lot on our electronics. Upgrading to a new electrical panel in Lakewood will help your home better adapt to the growing changes.

    5 Signs to Replace Electrical Panel

    5 Signs to Replace Electrical PanelIf you fail to replace or upgrade your electrical panel and it is taking on too much, it might run into more problems down the road. A faulty electrical panel is often a source for electrical fires. It can also take a huge toll on your appliances.

    Upgrading your electrical panel will not only make your home safer, but can also greatly improve its market value. When you put your house on the market in the future, it will be a selling point for many potential buyers. After all, they won’t have to worry about the home’s electrical system.

    Some signs that you should replace your electrical panel and upgrade it include:
    • Constantly flickering lights
    • Tripped breakers when energy-hungry appliances are on
    • Electric shocks from outlets and appliances
    • Burned spots on the breaker box
    • Hissing or crackling sounds from the panel

    Install a New Breaker Box in Lakewood

    Brennan Electric has over 30 years of electrical experience and can evaluate the condition of your electrical panel and provide you with some recommendations on what to do next. We do a meticulous installation job and you can trust that our results will last! Our electricians can provide you with honest advice and can help you find the perfect upgrade for your home. We are always consistent, responsive and sincere, which has led us to win the Angi’s Super Service Award for 13 years in a row!

    In the event that you want to upgrade or repair your electrical panel in Lakewood, call Brennan Electric. We can offer you the solutions you’re looking for!