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    Electrical Panel Services in Marysville, WAYour electrical panel in Marysville, WA, that you have in your home can make a huge difference to how efficiently your appliances and equipment function. A breaker box that’s too small won’t be able to handle modern needs, and it’s not unusual for older homes to have breaker boxes that are too small. Many older homes have electrical panels with a 100-amp service although most modern homes would benefit from having one that’s closer to 200-amps.

    Once you’ve decided to install a new breaker box in Marysville, it’s important to then figure out where the box needs to be installed. There are many different places, and our electrical contractors can help you find the best place. The National Electric Code recommends that you install the electrical panel somewhere that is not frequented often. The location should also be well-lit and easily accessible. Most people install the panels in the basement, in a utility room or in a cabinet. It can also be installed outdoors.

    When to Replace an Electrical Panel

    When to Replace an Electrical PanelIf your current electrical system is having difficulties keeping up with the needs of your home and needs frequent electrical repairs, it’s time to get an upgrade. Getting an upgrade will not only improve the efficiency and performance of your entire system, but it can also do wonders for prolong equipment lifespan. You’ll find that you’ll run into fewer electrical problems throughout the entire year.

    You’ll know that your current system is not sufficient to deal with your needs when:
    • The lights are always flickering
    • Outlets and appliances are hot-to-the-touch
    • There are sparks when you plug something in
    • You smell odd smells, like something is burning

    If you’re unsure if something is wrong, reach out to us. Our team can perform a thorough assessment and provide you with an in-depth evaluation. We’ll help you figure out what your electric needs are and whether your current electrical panel can fulfill these needs.

    Upgrade the Breaker Box in Marysville

    Established in 1987, you can trust Brennan Electric to have a lot of experience replacing and upgrading all types of electrical panels. Our customers appreciate the fact that we always put them first and that we make every effort to make sure that the job is done right. Our workmanship lasts, and we are committed to delivering exceptional services at competitive prices. If you’re thinking of upgrading your breaker box, you can even ask us for a written estimate prior to us starting the project. We guarantee that you’ll enjoy great savings and hassle-free scheduling.

    Brennan Electric can evaluate your household’s needs and help you install the perfect electrical panel in Marysville for your home.