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    Trusted Electrical Upgrades in Tacoma

    Brennan Electric provides quality electrical upgrade services to address electrical needs in Tacoma, WA. Our highly trained electricians are known for being prompt and working with exceptional products. We assist with electrical upgrades and outlet wiring as well as repair and breaker/fuse replacement.

    Electrical Upgrades in Tacoma, WAElectrical faults are a leading cause of residential fires in Tacoma. Therefore, you need quality electrical upgrades to protect your family and property from damage, as well as bring your home up to modern electrical demands. You can count on our certified and experienced professionals to get it done right the first time.

    Why you should choose us:
    • Three decades of industry experience
    • Clear, written quotes
    • High standards of customer service
    • Fully certified electricians
    • Licensed, bonded, and insured

    Electrical Outlet Wiring and Installation

    Electrical Outlet Wiring in Tacoma, WAFrom time to time, you may need additional electronic components to enhance comfort in your residence. New electrical outlet wiring may allow you to install fans in your home office. You may need a dedicated circuit for your generator or appliance, especially in Tacoma, where outages can be common.

    However, a licensed professional is necessary if you are to add circuits or electrical subpanels. A qualified electrician will ensure the installation meets the standards set by the regulator. The connection must be safe from faults that could pose a risk to property and people on your premises.

    If you are planning a major remodeling project, it will also have to undergo inspection. Any significant changes to the circuit configuration should adhere to local codes. Electrical cables, boxes, and smoke detectors will be approved before you can use the room.

    Highly Skilled Electricians in Tacoma, WAAdditionally, you will need an experienced electrician since codes can change from time to time. For example, AFCIs (Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters) have been required for outlets, circuits, and additional rooms since 2014. The AFCI circuit breaker prevents faults that often cause fires in residential homes. Brennan Electric can assist you in fulfilling all the necessary regulations in Tacoma.

    Electrical outlet wiring requirements:
    • Proper number of circuits
    • Appropriate electrical components
    • GFCI and AFCI circuit protection
    • Meet codes for electrical upgrade

    Consult Our Dependable, Trustworthy Electricians

    Brennan Electric has certified electricians in Tacoma with experience working on electrical outdoor wiring issues. Our staff undergoes intensive training to ensure that they complete every task to your satisfaction. With more than three decades of experience, we can handle different types of projects from big to small.

    Call for Electrical Upgrades in Tacoma

    Trusted Electricians in Tacoma, WAOur team can assist you in troubleshooting issues with your circuit or developing large home generator projects. You can rely on Brennan Electric for the repair, installation, and maintenance of your electrical systems in Tacoma.

    If you need rewiring or new installations, visit our website, or call us for more information.