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    EV ChargerIf you’ve been considering EV charging station installation services in Renton, WA, call the professional electricians at Brennan Electric today to get started. Our trusted electricians provide expert service to ensure you get the best with your electric car charger install.

    From helping with the decision-making process to putting on the finishing touches, we’ll give you excellent service the whole way.

    Expert EV Charging Station Installation in Renton

    With an electric car, you may be considering options to make charging easier. Many EV owners rely on public charging stations to fill their batteries. However, there are safety and convenience issues with public charging that you won’t encounter at home. Installing an EV car charger at home may offer you convenience and other benefits that pay off down the road.

    Benefits of scheduling EV charger installation services:
    • Convenience of charging while you’re at home
    • Safety of being in your own garage or driveway
    • Saving money by paying only the true cost of electricity
    • Avoiding long lines at public charging stations

    Our electricians offer a couple of different charger options. Plug-in EV chargers are a simple solution for charging your electric car at home. They plug right into a standard 240-volt outlet, minimizing the amount of work needed to start charging. We’ll make sure you have the proper outlets and circuits so that your electrical system can handle the added power load.

    Hardwired EV chargers provide faster charging but require more power. With a hardwired electric car charger install, we’ll update your electrical panel with a new breaker to avoid overloading your circuits. This type of charging gives you a quicker battery load in less time, making charging your electric vehicle fast and hassle-free.

    ev charger on wall

    With all EV charger installation services, our electricians will inspect your outlets, breakers, and electrical grid to ensure your home’s power can handle the added output to charge your car efficiently.

    Electric Car Charger Install Professionals

    Our skilled electricians can provide the best electric car charger install services in Renton. Our service includes comprehensive electrical inspection to ensure your home can handle the extra output, leaving you safe and secure as you charge your electric vehicle.

    In addition to EV car charger installation services, our trained electricians offer electrical repairs, electrical installations, electrical panel upgrades and changeouts, lighting installation, and surge protection services.

    Skip the lines and spend less time waiting in your car by scheduling EV charging station installation for your Renton home with the experts at Brennan Electric.