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    When the power goes out, it’s important to have an independent power source, such as generators, in Lakewood, WA. When it comes to portable generators, you can use them when you go camping as well as when the lights go out at home. On the other hand, standby generators connect directly to your electrical system, so you can flip a switch to regain full use of your refrigerator, electronics and other appliances.

    Standby generators are permanent backup systems powered by liquid propane or natural gas. On the other hand, portable generators typically run off gas alone. Of the two, standby generators are more expensive and require more maintenance and portable generators are less expensive but also more limited in functionality.

    Reliable Generators Portable and Standby in Lakewood

    Generators provide a backup power source that’s particularly useful if you’re in an isolated area with frequent power interruptions. With the generator installed, you can power essential appliances and electronics no matter what’s happening with the power grid. Generators are convenient if you need to power electronics and appliances without an outlet. If you and your family love to attend outdoor events, camping trips or travel across the country, portable generators could give you the freedom and comfort you crave. This equipment is also important for institutions such as hospitals if the power goes out.

    In another cases, generators can keep machines cool in data centers and perform key functions during national emergencies. Although there’s an upfront cost whether you choose standby or portable generators, they eventually pay for themselves. Generator Throwing out spoiled food could cost you hundreds of dollars, for example. So, reach out to Brennan Electric to discuss the best options for your family in Lakewood!

    There are many benefits to investing in generators, standby or portable!
    • Convenience of a portable power source
    • Guaranteed standby power in an emergency
    • Ability to live off the grid
    • Versatile power sources (gas, diesel, propane)

    Your Lakewood Team for Generators Standby and Portable

    At Brennan Electric, we send seasoned journeymen and electrical administrators to provide excellent customer service during your standby generator installation. Our licensed and bonded staff can also provide expert advice on portable generators for your RV or mobile home. Whether you want to take your power with you or keep the power on at home, you can count on reliable and consistent results with our team of professionals.

    We Also Offer Standby Generators in:

    You should also expect transparent pricing and communication when dealing with electrical contractors in Lakewood. Our team has served the community since 1987 and we are committed to providing convenience and functionality to our clients in Lakewood and the surrounding areas. We are a proud member of the BBB and hold an A+ rating with the organization. Additionally, Brennan Electric has earned Angie’s List Super Service Award for 13 years in a row.

    Contact us today to set up an appointment to discuss your options for generators, portable or standby, in Lakewood.