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    Portable generatorWhen stormy weather hits, it pays to be prepared with an alternative power source like a generator. For those that may not want to invest in a standby generator, there is another solution – a portable generator.

    Portable generators are substantially less expensive than standby generators, but they still provide power to your circuit breaker. They will run hardwired appliances like your heating and cooling system, water heater, or well pump. Connecting your portable generator to your home’s circuit breaker requires an expert electrician to install a transfer switch.

    It’s important to prioritize which appliances are absolutely necessary to provide power to during outages since portable generators provide far less power than standby generators. Brennan’s electricians can discuss how much power each appliance requires and how many your portable generator will support.

    Portable generators are not permanently situated anywhere on your property and must be stored somewhere when not in use.

    When you do have to use it, make sure you are aware of the following:
    • How much gas you currently have and how much it requires to provide power to your home for a specific amount of time
    • The portable generator is positioned properly – facing away from your home so that the CO is directed away from your home
    • There is adequate outdoor protection for the portable generator. You will need to make sure it is covered and kept dry but has adequate air flow.
    • You must set up the portable generator and connect it to the transfer switch. The portable generator requires some work by you and will not automatically come on when the power goes out.

    The Brennan Electric team will make sure that everything is properly set-up and connected so that your family will remain safe when using your portable generator.

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