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    When you need surge protection in Auburn, WA, there’s no time to waste. Being able to power your home appliances and electronic devices is an everyday need. Extreme weather can put them at risk when there’s a power surge, potentially costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars. To keep your appliances and devices safe during a storms, don’t wait until lightning strikes. Get your outlets protected ahead of time.

    Professional Surge Protection in Auburn

    Proper surge protection is an important part of avoiding electrical damage to your home. There are several reasons for power surges, such as lightning strikes, power outages and electrical grid fluctuations. If your home has many large appliances, such as an air conditioner or washing machine, the chance of an electrical problem is even higher. Having too many different electronics connected to the same outlet puts them all at risk of getting fried.

    Power surges can damage a number of household appliances and electronics:
    • Computers and modems
    • Refrigerators and alarm systems
    • Printers and fax machines
    • Satellite and home theater systems
    • Smartphones and game consoles

    Power surges have other risks as well. They can result in electrical fires when components overheat, requiring costly repairs and replacements. Protecting your outlets at all times is important. Many homeowners purchase inexpensive power strips and plug-in devices for protection. While these products can be helpful and fit within many budgets, they have some limitations. Investing in a whole-home solution can prevent the costliest damage to your appliances and electronic devices.

    To safeguard your entire home and all of your electronics, get help from a professional. Having a solution installed directly at the electrical panel provides the highest degree of surge protection. Let us handle the hard part. Brennan Electric has the skills and experience to keep your home safe from power surges!

    Your Surge Protection Experts

    At Brennan Electric, our electrical experts are committed to providing whole-home surge protection in Auburn and beyond. We’ve been around for over 30 years to offer professional electrical solutions and quality service. With a team of highly trained electricians and support staff, we take care of a variety of residential needs. We’re proud to have the 2019 Angie’s List Super Service Award for our efforts. Our customers know we won’t be satisfied until they are.

    Working with us means great service, flexible financing and consistent professionalism. Contact Brennan Electric for surge protection in Auburn today!