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    Looking for professional surge protection in Elmonds, WA? Brennan Electric can lend you a hand. We’re all used to working with electronic devices in everyday life. But if there’s a storm, power outage or even just bad luck, power surges put your electronics at risk. If having a working air conditioner, washing machine, computer or other device is important to you, surge protection is a smart decision. Don’t wait until there’s a lightning strike or blackout. Safeguarding your home against power surges can save you from needing repairs or replacements for your most valuable appliances and devices.

    Surge Protection

    Professional Surge Protection in Elmonds

    A power surge occurs when more power than normal surges through your electrical system. This can cause delicate parts of an electronic device to overheat and even irreversibly damage it. Though people usually link power surges to lightning strikes or faulty wiring, they can also happen when restoring power after a blackout.

    Common signs a power surge could be around the corner:
    • Flickering or dimming lights
    • Discolored or scorched electrical outlets
    • Burning or rubbery smell near outlets
    • Smoke coming from outlets

    People sometimes cause a power surge by using extension cords and plugging in too many devices at once, overloading their electrical circuit. Who hasn’t knocked out the power by accident at one point? Many homeowners use power strips, special wall outlets and other point-of-use tools for surge protection. However, these options don’t protect against the most severe forms of damage from extreme power surges. In these cases, a whole-home solution is a better choice. A licensed electrician can install a whole-panel circuit breaker to keep your home’s power flow in check. Our highly trained electricians can take care of all the hard parts for you safely and effectively.

    Your Surge Protection Team

    Backed by over thirty years of experience, we at Brennan Electric know a thing or two about surge protection in Elmonds and nearby areas. We’re dedicated to providing professional service and excellent customer support. Valuing our customers and community has earned us a positive reputation, just like our quality workmanship. Whether you need new wiring, a charging station or another electrical service, our trained professionals are prepared for the job.

    Top-Notch Electrical Service

    When you need an experienced electrical company, we’re your best bet. Contact Brennan Electric today to request surge protection service in Elmonds!