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    Do you have surge protection in Everett, WA? If not, you may want to consider installing it. Homes need surge protection to protect electronic devices and appliances from damage caused by power surges. Power surges can occur due to a variety of reasons such as lightning strikes, power outages, or even problems with the utility company’s equipment. These surges can cause damage to electronics, appliances, and even the entire electrical system, leading to costly repairs or replacements.

    Surge Protection

    With point-of-use or whole-home protection, you can keep your electronics running as they should and reduce your risk of electrical fires.

    Expert Surge Protection in Everett

    There are several different types of surge protection that can be installed in a home or business, each designed to protect against specific types of power surges.

    The installation process of surge protection will depend on the type of protection, it can vary from a simple plug-in device to a complex whole-house protection. Whole-house surge protection is typically installed by a licensed electrician, who will need to access the main electrical panel and wire the device into the electrical system. This type of surge protection is installed at the main electrical panel, also called service entrance, and it protects all devices connected to the electrical system in the entire house. This is the most comprehensive form of surge protection and it is recommended for homes and businesses that have multiple electronic devices and appliances.

    How do you know you need surge protection? Keep an eye out for indicators like:
    • Higher than average utility bills
    • Dimming or flickering lights
    • Frequent power outages
    • Burning smells or scorch marks at an outlet

    Top-Notch Electrical Service

    Top-Notch Electrical ServiceAt Brennan Electric, we’re used to the thunderstorms that often roll into Everett, which is why we often help customers with surge protection solutions. Power surges can start at your home or at the local power station, which is why you might want to install a whole-home solution. Our licensed and experienced electricians can inspect your entire grid and make a recommendation based on your specific home. Our customer service is some of the best around, and we’re always trying to make home repairs more affordable, which is why we offer financing on approved credit.

    If you need surge protection in Everett, contact our team at Brennan Electric. One of our friendly and reliable electricians can schedule a fast inspection and installation!
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