5 Tips for Holiday Lights and Electrical Safety

December 18, 2019

The holiday season is just about to usher in the frenzy to get our homes decorated. Soon, millions of Americans are expected to purchase and install holiday lights and Christmas trees in their homes. This is, however, without significant risk, as hundreds of houses normally go up in flames during the holiday season. To keep your family safe, here are five tips for holiday lights and electrical safety. This also makes electrical safety easier to obtain.

1. Start With a Plan

Everything you do regarding your home holiday decorations should revolve around a well-defined goal and plan. Having a strategy as to how to decorate your house ensures that you achieve the intended target without having to overdo it.

2. Fuse Every Connection

The top source of electrical fires during the holiday season is electrical faults. These costly faults can be averted by ensuring that every connection is appropriately fused as recommended.

3. Check the Documentation

Before installing any electrical equipment, such as Christmas tree lights, it should be standard practice to read through the product documentation. This will give you an overview of important disclosures, such as the power rating of the lights and cables. This prevents common instances of overloading electrical equipment, which could lead to a blowout and consequent fire.

4. Avoid Traditional Candles

The temptation to go for traditional wick-operated candles to decorate your home with may be particularly high this holiday. Statistics indicate that these candles are the primary source of more than half of all holiday home fires. To protect yourself accordingly, you may have to go for the safer option of battery-operated imitations, whose likelihood of causing a fire is next to none.

5. Leverage the Experts

Decorating your house for the holidays is always an exciting opportunity. While many people consider the DIY method, it’s always safer to call in the professionals who can leverage their experience to give you quality and safe electrical decorations for the holiday. At Brennan Electric, we serve thousands of residents in Seattle and the surrounding areas. We ensure that they have a safely decorated holiday. You, too, can benefit from our expertise by giving us a call today. We also provide electrical services, generators, and surge protection.

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