What You Need to Know About Electrical Inspections

August 10, 2022
Electrical inspection in Seattle, WA

Are you thinking about an electrical inspection for your home? Maybe you have a flickering light, or you feel heat coming from an outlet in your home. Regardless of the reason, an electrical inspection done by a qualified electrician can set your mind at ease. The following covers what’s involved in an electrical inspection, how often you should have one, and signs your home may be experiencing electrical issues.

What Is an Electrical Inspection?

An electrical inspection is an assessment of the electrical system on the inside and outside of your home. A qualified electrician looks at all aspects of your electrical system in search of improper wiring, damage, or wear and tear.

The electrician determines whether your system adheres to local safety codes. Also, this professional looks at whether your electrical system is capable of supplying the power you need in your household. A professional electrician has a checklist of items to evaluate during an electrical inspection.

Some examples of items on that checklist include:

  • Test outlets and light switches
  • Evaluate surge protection
  • Assess electrical panels
  • Assess the grounding system
  • Ensure cables are securely connected

Once the electrical inspection is complete, the electrician creates a detailed report based on the findings.

Why Do You Need an Electrical Inspection of Your Home?

One of the main reasons to get an electrical inspection for your home is to ensure your system is safe. An inspection can reveal damaged wires, worn connections, and other potential hazards that can lead to a fire. A professional electrician is able to spot these issues and make the appropriate repairs.

A second reason is an electrical inspection can save you money. An electrician can determine if your electrical system is working with efficiency. If it’s not, the electrician can suggest ways to improve it to make it more efficient and save on your electric bill.

Do you live in an older home? If so, an electrical inspection can uncover outdated wiring and other elements that need an upgrade.

How Often Should You Get an Electrical Inspection?

You should get an electrical inspection for your home every three to five years. Of course, there are some other times when an electrical inspection is necessary.

Are you planning on buying a home? If so, it’s a good idea to arrange for an electrical inspection. An electrician can evaluate the condition of the home’s electrical system and point out any issues before you take ownership.

Have you recently renovated your home? Your renovations may require more from your home’s electrical system. A home electrical inspection can determine any necessary changes to ensure you have the supply of electricity you need. At Brennan Electric in Seattle, our electricians have the skills and experience to conduct thorough electrical inspections.

Signs of Electrical Issues in Your Home

Do you suspect electrical issues in your home? Maybe you’re not sure what to look for. Well, there are some signs that can indicate a problem.

Yellow or white sparks coming from an outlet are a sign of an electrical issue. If you see sparking from an outlet while trying to plug something in, it could point to an overloaded circuit, or the outlet may have wiring damage that is causing the sparks. Short-circuiting is another potential reason behind a sparking outlet.

As a note, it’s normal to occasionally see a blue spark coming from an outlet as you are plugging in a device. A blue spark is an electrical current making the connection with the device. The color and amount of sparking are important to note.

Do you have a flickering light in your home? This is an annoying occurrence. It can also be the sign of a faulty connection somewhere in the system, or your lights may be flickering due to a power surge. An appliance may be drawing an excessively large amount of electricity from your system.

Do you have an outlet plate that feels hot to the touch? Or do you feel a flow of heat coming from an outlet in your home? This may be a sign of an overloaded circuit. It could also be a sign of wire damage or even improper installation of the wiring. While some outlets remain warm for a short amount of time after use, they shouldn’t be hot or emit a flow of heat.

Does your circuit breaker trip with regularity? Maybe a circuit breaker trips every time you turn on a particular light or appliance. If so, this is another sign of an electrical issue in a home. This means that an appliance, light, or other device is drawing a very large amount of power from the circuit. When a circuit overloads, the circuit breaker trips in order to shut off the electrical current.

A burning odor coming from an outlet or a switch is one of the more obvious signs of an electrical issue in your home. The wiring or another component in the outlet or switch may have damage. In addition to the odor, you may see black or brown marks on the switch outlet plate.

Of course, an appliance like a blender, a food processor, or a microwave oven is going to make some sounds while in operation, but an unusual buzzing or humming can signal an electrical issue in a home. Unusual sounds can be a result of faulty wires, a loose connection, a power surge, or another issue.

All of these signs indicate the need to call a professional electrician. Our trained electricians at Brennan Electric are able to diagnose these and other electrical issues in a home. We diagnose the issue and then go about determining the best solution to the problem.

Does Electrical Inspection Work Require a Professional Electrician?

Yes, an electrical inspection does require the expertise of a professional electrician. It’s not an appropriate DIY project. Why? Because an electrician has the equipment and tools necessary to conduct a thorough inspection.

An electrician is also knowledgeable about safety procedures. Whether it is testing an outlet or examining an electrical panel, safety procedures are absolutely necessary for this type of work.

An experienced electrician knows what to look for during an inspection. This professional has seen a variety of issues in homes and recognizes them right away. Plus, electrical wiring designs are different depending on the age of a home. This professional is familiar with the different types of wiring in both older and newer homes.

An electrician is knowledgeable about local safety codes as well. If something is not up to code, the electrician recognizes it and knows what to do to fix it.

At Brennan Electric in Seattle, we take pride in our thorough electrical inspections. Along with home electrical inspections, we offer reliable maintenance and repair work. We replace fuses, breakers, and panels. Plus, we install ground rods and bonding along with performing LED lighting upgrades and installing and servicing generators. Check out our long list of electrical services to see how we can help you.

Contact Brennan Electric in Seattle and schedule your electrical inspection today!

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