Why Invest in a Standby Generator?

October 18, 2022
Generator in Seattle, WA

Whenever you are in your home, you need the comfort of a constant power supply that assures you of the proper functioning of all your home’s systems. Many people enjoy the lighting, AC, heating, and other comfort facilities that come with the availability of electricity. However, you need to prepare for shortages and blackouts by investing in a standby generator. At [company name], we offer the best generators in Seattle and the nearby areas for those unexpected times. Here’s what you need to know about our standby generators.

Which Generators Are Available?

We have two main types of generators: standby and portable generators. The portable generators are usually the small ones you connect to your home’s power source when the need arises. When there is a blackout in the area, you have to carry it from the storage, fuel it, and then connect it to the mains. You can disconnect the generator and return it to the storage when the electricity comes back.

However, with the standby generator, you need to have one of our expert electricians install it for you. This one always remains connected to the power flow. Its technology allows it to monitor the current flow, thus ensuring it remains off as long as there is an electrical supply. However, immediately after the system notices a disconnection, it automatically turns on and continues supplying your residence with electricity. The generator will turn off when the power returns to continue with the cycle.

Reasons to Get a Standby Generator

At [company name], we usually advocate for standby generators for various reasons. While the portable ones also play the same role, you may not get the same efficiency as you would with the standby counterparts. We have outlined for you some of the reasons why we find a standby generator a worthy investment for your residence and business.

Storms and Blackouts

Seattle and the nearby areas are known for frequent storms. Over the past few years, we have also experienced unannounced storms that usually hit harder each time. Such weather typically comes with blackouts that, at times, prolong for days. You need a reliable power source to survive the chilly temperatures and continue with your day-to-day activities.

Instead of thinking about carrying your generator from the garage while the rain is coming down in torrents, it’s best to have a standby generator. It will automatically power up when the regular supply is absent and give you warmth and light. This fast switching avoids inconveniences and keeps you and your loved ones comfortable no matter how long the blackout lasts.

Your Household Equipment

With the increase in technological reliance on improving comfort, most homes in the Seattle area need electricity for most appliances. Air conditioning, water heaters, garbage disposal, heated pools, fridges, and cooking equipment all need electrical power to run. Therefore, you need a constant supply to ensure that you continue enjoying comfort despite the heavy rains.

At [company name], we install these generators according to your household needs. We ensure that we provide you with a generator that can comfortably sustain all your appliances without overworking. If you have someone using a CPAP machine while sleeping or needs a stair lift to go to the upper floors, you must consider a standby generator. It powers more equipment than the portable one, and its automatic response eliminates inconveniences. The mobile option has a lesser capacity and cannot function well in big households or places with heavy power consumption.

Convenience and Safety

Standby generators are the most convenient option. This is mainly because they don’t need any manual assistance to switch on in case of a power blackout. Therefore, if the electrical supply gets cut short when you are not at home, you are sure that everything will keep running as usual. This reliability gives you peace of mind since you know you will find your refrigerator and other equipment functioning as they should. You no longer need to deal with spoiled food and musty houses caused by the systems’ failure.

These generators are also safe to use indoors. They will keep your freezer and fridge running, thus preventing food shortages in your home during a crisis. When such weather strikes, you need to do massive food shopping since the weather may not allow you to go to the stores. Therefore, you need enough power to keep your freezer and fridge running for as long as possible. This way, your loved ones will not starve during the storm.

We have also heard many incidences of fire during blackouts as people try alternative methods to keep warm and prepare meals. Lighting a fire indoors or using candles can be pretty risky, causing you to lose your residence or even endanger your life. Portable generators are also a health hazard when they are inside the house and can cause a fire.

Economic Considerations

Many people fear the cost of standby generators because of the purchase price. However, from our research at [company name], we have found that this is the best option in the long run. Though the initial cost might be high, the maintenance and consumption are lower than that of the portable generator. Portable generators usually consume several gallons of fuel each day and thus significantly dent your budget. This can be very frustrating and uneconomical, especially when the storm lasts more than a day.

However, our experts can help you choose a standby generator that suits your home and can sustain it. This option allows you to save money due to reduced energy consumption. The generator also serves you for many years, allowing you to focus on other financial needs. Our regular maintenance work will ensure that you do not experience serious malfunctions that may bring a huge financial burden. We also have gas generators that use your natural gas supply to run, and they use a significantly lower amount of energy than their gasoline counterparts.

What to Consider When Installing a Standby Generator

Once you decide to invest in a standby generator, you need to make a few considerations. Our experts can also help you determine the best option for your home. Research the following things:

  • Generator capacity
  • Home size
  • Noise
  • Brand
  • Fuel source
  • Generator size
  • Installation expectations
  • Best location

Why Work With Us?

At Brennan Electric, we guarantee you excellence in all our work. We choose our generators carefully and use well-known brands to ensure they give you good service. We pride ourselves on our history of delivering quality electrical solutions to the Puget Sound area since 1987. Our mission is to provide our clients with reliability and peace of mind so that they enjoy their homes’ comfort.

We also have highly trained electricians who perform quality installations and maintenance. Once we install the generator for you, blackouts will never bother you again, no matter how long they happen to last. Our units function optimally, allowing you and your family to get convenience in every season.

Consult with us at Brennan Electric in Seattle for all your generator and electrical needs.

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