Benefits of Owning a Whole-Home Backup Generator

February 16, 2020

When a power outage occurs, your home is transformed from a modern marvel into an ancient relic. Everything from lights to electronics to appliances suddenly comes to a halt as you quickly try to redo your plans to accommodate this significant inconvenience. If you have a whole-home generator when a power outage strikes, though, everything changes.

No Interruptions

One of the major benefits of a whole-home generator is that it activates the moment it senses a power outage. Unlike other methods, such as candles and flashlights, which have to be found before they can be used, a whole-home generator works without a second thought from you. This means you won’t face any safety risks from trying to walk around in a dark house looking for a flashlight that may or may not have fresh batteries.

No Compromises

Another important aspect of a whole-home generator is that there are no compromises when it comes to providing power. While smaller generators can work in a pinch, you still have to be selective about what you plug in, thus limiting what you’re able to do during a power outage. With a whole-home generator, however, you can carry on with life as usual because your entire home will be powered.


A whole-home generator offers plenty of flexibility if you’re faced with a longer-than-normal power outage. Since you can add fuel to the generator to keep it powered, you can have whole-home power as long as you can access fuel. This means that even if a major storm strikes and the power company can’t access your area, you can still maintain a safe and functional home until help arrives.

Trust the Experts

Installing a whole-home generator is a major project. Since it must be integrated with your home’s electrical system, it’s advisable to leave a job like this to the pros at Brennan Electric. Brennan Electric provides everything from HVAC installation and maintenance to generator installation and maintenance in Seattle and the surrounding areas. If you need a whole-home generator or one of the other services that we offer, feel free to contact Brennan Electric as soon as you can.

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