When lightning strikes, it can cause substantial damage that could cost you thousands of dollars. Power surges can result from a number of occurrences; including, lightning strikes, downed power lines, or they can even originate from right inside your own home from home appliances such as refrigerators.

Surges from outside your home can travel through any wire that leads into your home. These types of wires can include electrical wires, a TV/internet cable and not to mention your telephone wire. You can protect your home from large surges by implementing a whole house surge protector. This will inhibit the electrical overload from reaching your home’s internal wiring system and causing damage.

Whole Home Surge Protection

Power surges can cause lasting damage to a variety of home appliances and electronics such as:
  • Telephone answering machines
  • Fax machines
  • Computers and modems
  • Satellite and home theater systems
  • Circuit boards in refrigerators, ovens and alarm systems
Brennan Electric TecbniciansGet the protection you need for your house with whole house surge protection.

At Brennan Electric, we can help protect your home from the possibility of a whole house power surge. Our experienced and highly trained electricians can help you get the protection you need!

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