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    Seattle’s Best Breaker Box Services

    Electrical Panel Services in Seattle, WAFrom the day we started in 1987 to today, we here at Brennan Electric have prided ourselves on consistently delivering high-quality electrical services for our customers! Our experienced and highly skilled electricians, as well as the rest of our friendly staff are here to help you with all of your electrical needs. With an Angie’s List Super Service Award and many glowing reviews, you can count on us to provide you with the best in breaker box services for Seattle, WA. If your breaker box (also referred to as an electrical panel) is giving you trouble, or you’re interested in a brand-new upgraded model to support your current needs, we’re here to get the job done right, and to your satisfaction!

    Our Electric Breaker Panel Services
    • Repairs
    • Problem Diagnosis
    • Residential Repairs
    • Residential Upgrades

    The Best Breaker Box Services

    Seattle’s Award-Winning Breaker Box Repair Company

    Your breaker box handles quite a bit of work, and when it has issues, you’ll know it right away. Some of the telltale signs of electrical panel malfunction are flickering lights, crackling sounds near outlets, and frequent tripping, and may indicate that repair work is needed. Don’t risk attempting dangerous electrical work on your own; instead let the trusted electricians at Brennan Electric help you out! With years of experience at their disposal, our highly skilled electricians will correctly diagnose and resolve the problem for you. We service all makes and models of breaker boxes, so if you’re having issues with your electrical panel, count on us for all of your repair needs!

    Top Reasons to Replace a Breaker Box:
    • To Replace An Outdated, Inefficient Breaker Box
    • For New Appliance Installation
    • When Replacing Circuit Breaker Fuses
    • When Resolving Faulty Wiring Issues

    Trusted Seattle Residential Electrical Panel Upgrades and Replacements

    Trusted Seattle Residential Breaker Box ReplacementsWith all of the latest and greatest technologies in your home comes a higher electrical demand to feed all of the devices and appliances that keep you living space comfortable and efficient. Many older electrical panels weren’t designed with these needs in mind, and are simply insufficient to handle today’s electrical workloads. If you’re using a fuse box or an outdated breaker box, you may be experiencing too little power for your appliances, flickering lights, and many other electrical issues. Or, perhaps your current breaker box is experiencing difficulties and you’d like a fresh start. Brennan Electric can help bring your home into the future by with a replacement or upgrade, and we’ll help you find the model that’s just right for your home, and install it properly so your residence will be running smoother than ever!

    For All of Your Electrical Needs

    Brennan Electric is here to help you with all your electrical needs. Below is a handful of the services we provide. If the help you’re looking for isn’t on the list below, don’t worry – give us a call.

    • Troubleshooting
    • Low voltage
    • Maintenance and repair
    • Breaker/fuse replacement
    • Hot water tank circuits*
    • Electric baseboard and in-wall fan replacements
    • Light fixture installations
    • 220-volt to 110-volt conversion
    • Install ground rods and bonding
    • Everything residential
    • LED Lighting Upgrades
    • Miscellaneous service replacements, switches, plugs, thermostats

    Seattle has trusted Brennan Electric with all things electrical for over three decades. If you’re interested in our breaker box services, or any of our other award-winning electrical services, give us a call today!