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    Electric Panels Brennan Electric can match you with the best electric panels in Bremerton, WA. We have years of experience in this industry and are local experts. When you need to upgrade an electrical panel or replace an electrical panel, we can help.

    Our award-winning electricians complete all electrical panel projects and can work on all kinds of homes. Your electrical panel is responsible for your home’s power supply. So, only let professionals work on it when it’s faulty. It’s tricky work as you need relevant qualifications and experience to work safely.

    Thankfully, our team is in Bremerton and ready to handle your electrical panel and breaker box needs. We’re here when your electrical panel gives you problems and can help rectify them. Acting fast is vital as faulty electrics are a fire risk and a safety hazard.

    Upgrading Electrical Panels in Your Bremerton Home

    Upgrading Electrical PanelsIf your electrical panel is old, you should consider upgrading or replacing it. Older electrical panels are susceptible to issues, and manufacturers recommend replacing them after an elapsed period. There are many signs that your breaker box is malfunctioning, including flickering lights, crackling outlets, and frequent fuse tripping.

    Working with our trusted team can resolve these issues and leave your family and home safe as can be. Our licensed professionals are skilled in the electrical panel industry and have years of combined experience.

    Choose a team you can trust to work on your electrical panel as they keep your home safe from surges. Our team can replace old and unsafe electrical panels and install a brand-new replacement. Keeping your family safe is our priority, and our electricians work hard to realize it.

    The best reasons to replace your electrical panel:
    • If your existing box is old
    • To match new appliance installation
    • To replace circuit breaker fuses
    • To resolve fault wiring issues in your home

    Replacing Electrical Panels Near You

    Replacing Electrical Panels Near YouBrennan Electric is your trusted electrical panel expert. Our award-winning team can complete all breaker box jobs. We will have your home safe again before you know it. We were founded in 1987 and have cemented ourselves as industry leaders in Bremerton.

    Working with us is best for your home and wallet as we are a customer-oriented business. Our mission is pleasing customers, and we aim to do that by providing the best electrical panel services in town.

    If you need a new electrical panel in Bremerton, contact the electricians at Brennan Electric today! We upgrade and replace electrical panels and are here all year round to help.