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    Electric Panels If you are in need of electric panel upgrading or replacement in Redmond, WA, you probably want the most qualified and experienced professional to do the job. Your home’s electric panel is the heart and soul of its entire electrical system. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to distribute electrical power to the different rooms and areas of your house. So, when your electric panel starts to act up, your best bet is to move fast. While sometimes the problem can be fixed when you upgrade electrical panel, at other times, you will be better off if you replace electrical panel altogether. Doing so can save you money and a lot of heartache down the road.

    Experienced Professionals To Upgrade Electrical Panel in Redmond

    Fortunately, electrical panels will always let you know they should be upgraded before they break down completely. Keep in mind that even when you think you may have plenty of time to upgrade electrical panel, the truth of the matter is that the sooner you get it done, the lower the risk of damage to your home will be.

    There are many warning signs that you may need to upgrade or replace your electrical panel. If you notice any of them, give us a call as soon as you can!
    • Your lights flicker for no apparent reason
    • Your circuit breakers trip constantly
    • Your electric panel feels warm to the touch
    • You feel electrical shocks when you touch appliances
    • You smell something burning
    • Your outlets are sparking or look scorched

    Knowledgeable Technicians To Correctly Replace Electrical Panel

    Replacing Electrical Panels Near YouAt Brennan Electric we take great pride in our electrical panel upgrade and replacement services in Redmond. We work hard to ensure you receive the kind of service you deserve, ensuring that whatever is going on with your home’s electrical panel is repaired quickly and professionally by friendly and knowledgeable electrical technicians.

    Our many years of experience and high quality service have given us the privilege of enjoying a great reputation as the company to call when you have to upgrade or replace electrical panel in your home. It gives us great pleasure to know that, once we are done, your home and family will be safe from any dangers posed by a faulty panel. If there is anything you can be sure of is that once you give us a call, we will not consider the job done until we have gone through every detail to ensure it has been completed to your satisfaction and the highest standards of quality.

    If you are looking for great service, highly experienced electricians, and an electrical panel job, it’s time to call Brennan Electric in Redmond right away!