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    wiresDo you need an electrician in Kirkland, WA? At Brennan Electric, we offer electrical services throughout the region helping our customers with panel assessment, lighting installation, outlets, and more. You need a reliable electrical contractor to guarantee your home wiring is safe and working its best 24/7. Never try to fix an electrical problem yourself. Doing so only creates more problems and can put you in harm’s way. Hiring experienced electricians is the best way to ensure your home’s electricity is installed correctly.

    Experienced Electrical Contractor in Kirkland

    You rely more on electricity to power your everyday essentials like your electronics, smart devices, and appliances that you realize. What’s more, is that your home’s electrical system might not be wired to meet these needs. Are you having to use extension cords more often? Have you noticed circuits tripping more frequently? These are signs that you need more outlets and more power in your house.

    Older homes, even those built just five or ten years ago, can struggle with meeting modern power needs. So much so that adding more outlets isn’t enough. Many homes need electrical panel upgrades too. Think of your electrical panel as the nerve center for your home. If it’s outdated or in bad shape, it needs attention.

    Check out these signs that you need electrical panel upgrades:
    • Original panel is with the house
    • Circuits trip frequently
    • The panel’s rusty
    • You have fuses in the box

    If you’re still not sure you need electrical panel updates or other wiring upgrades, our electrician can help. Electricians can do energy assessments and panel assessments. These assessments give you valuable information about how much energy your home uses and whether it has enough power to provide sufficient energy that doesn’t trip breakers or blow fuses.

    Your A+ Rated Neighborhood Electrician

    At Brennan Electric, we take pride in our accomplishments and the services we provide to our customers. We’ve been an Angie’s List Super Service Award winner for 13 years in a row and an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Our licensed journeyman electricians follow strict industry protocols when installing electrical components to ensure your household’s safety and protection.

    In addition to home wiring services like outlet installation and troubleshooting, we provide Puget Sound area residents standby generator services. We can help you decide the right size and type for your home.


    When you need a reliable electrician in Kirkland, contact our team at Brennan Electric.