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    wiresBrennan Electric, founded in 1987, is a dependable electrical contractor in Mountlake Terrace, WA. Our licensed electricians can install RV plug-ins, repair electrical systems in homes, and install new electrical panels. If you notice your lights dimming out of nowhere or your outlets don’t work properly, you need a professional. Electrical issues aren’t just about inconveniences; they can also impact the safety of your home. Let a reputable company help keep you safe with electrical services!

    Experienced Electrician in Mountlake Terrace

    At Brennan Electric, we offer just about any electrical service you could need, including lighting installations, hot tub wiring, and standby generator installations. You need an electrician to safely install all of these electrical products. We also work with EV chargers if you need us to install a charging station or suitable outlet.

    If your circuit breakers are tripping often, then you most likely need a panel upgrade. Electrical panels usually only need a replacement every 25–40 years.

    Power surges can damage your home’s electrical system and any devices that use electricity. Lightning, faulty appliances, and downed power lines can cause power surges, but a surge protection system can stop them. If you don’t have one already, though, your home could have been impacted by a surge. The wiring in your home could also be subject to normal wear and tear, which would also be worth fixing.

    Burning smells coming from your outlets or panel are a big problem. You should immediately call us about this issue because an electrical fire might start. Burning smells can mean that you have damaged or exposed wiring.

    Other signs that you need an electrical repair include:
    • Flickering lights
    • Melted outlets
    • Frayed wires
    • Buzzing noises
    • Electrical sparks

    As your trusted electrician in Terrace, we can fix any electrical problem that you’re experiencing. It’s important to promptly repair electrical malfunctions because they may cause injuries or fires. Keep your home’s electrical system in good shape for peace of mind.

    Your Reliable Electrical Contractor

    Brennan Electric maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and receives recognition for quality services. We work fast to repair and install electrical systems throughout Terrace. We provide written estimates and hassle-free scheduling.

    Brennan Electric has won the Angie’s List Super Service Award 13 times. We also give back to the community by participating in Northwest Harvest, an organization that helps alleviate hunger across the state.

    Choose Brennan Electric as your electrical contractor in Mountlake Terrace.