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    EV ChargerAre you considering an EV charging station installation in your Shoreline, WA, home?

    We understand that after investing in an electric vehicle for you and your family, the last thing you want is the inconvenience of having to drive to a gas station or local business to charge it.

    That’s why we offer a solution that saves you time and money with professional installation of fixtures that allow you to charge your vehicle safely, securely, and conveniently at home.

    Trust our expert electricians to ensure your car can charge when you plug it in at home. At Brennan Electric, our electric car charger install will allow you to spend more time at home. With our experienced services, you can rest assured that your charging needs are in good hands.

    EV Charging Station Installation Benefits

    The electric outlets in your home and garage may not be suitable for charging your electric vehicle. When you plug your vehicle into them, you might strain your home’s electrical system, causing breakers to flip. Charging your car’s battery may also take longer than you prefer.

    You may not have the time to wait for your home’s outlets to charge your vehicle. You may need to plug it in and have your vehicle ready to drive in a few hours, if not sooner, in and around Shoreline. Your solution can involve investing in EV charger installation for your home.

    There are numerous benefits that come from having an EV charger professionally installed:
    • Safety
    • Speediness
    • Full charging capability
    • Warranty or guarantee
    • Ideal placement

    When one of these stations is installed at home, you also enjoy more convenience. You don’t have to go to a local business that offers charging stations or pay that business to plug in and charge your vehicle. When you are ready for professional EV charging station installation, we are here to help.

    Shoreline Electric Car Charger Install

    At Brennan Electric, we have been offering a seamless and convenient customer service experience for all our customers in and around Shoreline since 1987.

    Our customers consistently write positive reviews on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other online platforms because we prioritize putting their needs and budgets first. We can also offer innovative solutions to ensure we handle the issue the first time we arrive and work in a customer’s home or business.

    ev charger on wall

    We likewise provide many electrical services beyond installing EV charging stations. When you need electrical repair, panel repair and replacement, surge protectors, and more, Brennan Electric is there to help. Our customers can use our online specials and financing on approved credit to save money on all the electrical services we offer today.

    An EV charging station installation can make owning and driving your EV in Shoreline more convenient and affordable, so contact Brennan Electric to schedule your service today.