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    Electrical Repair
    Installing an in-home EV charging station in Everett, WA, means you will no longer have to rely on public charging stations. Brennan Electric provides EV charger services and installations for the Everett area. Electric charging stations are incredibly convenient and allow you to have full range and not worry about a charge. Plug your vehicle in at night and wake up the next morning ready to cruise. Having a dependable EV charging station will leave you with peace of mind and a fully charged car. You’ll save big without the additional charging station fees and have no wait time.

    Do you own an electric vehicle? Updating your garage or carport with an EV charging station will add further value and create an investment opportunity. You’ll be first in and first out without any additional fees or wait times. Installing EV charging stations can be daunting to think about, but the benefits of having a personal EV charging station out weigh any cons.

    Everett EV Charging Station Installation

    We’ll work directly with you to choose the right brand and model for your electric car. Plus, we’ll make sure we’ve chosen the best spot to place your new charging station. Our team handles every installation detail for you.

    At-home charging station benefits
    • Charges while you sleep
    • Eliminates the cost of public charging fees
    • Increases property value
    • Provides a predictable charging process

    Installing an EV charging station into your home will save you a great deal of time skipping lines. Chargers can be very accommodating to your needs, like standalone chargers and Wi-Fi-enabled device chargers. Instead of the hassle of monthly fuel bills, your cost of charging will show up on your monthly electric bill.

    We also offer EV charger services in:

    Electric Car Charging Station Services

    EV chargersBrennan Electric provides all services for homeowners with electric charging stations. Our skilled electricians can install, repair, and maintain your EV charging station. We will install top-quality electric charging stations that are backed by top manufacturers. EV charging station installation can be a daunting task, but our experienced electricians will help walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Our electricians will ensure the best fit for you when it comes to electric charging stations. All installation processes are handled with a high level of safety and precision. We will work closely with you to choose the right make and model for your electric vehicle. We will also ensure that your EV charger is in the perfect and most convenient spot. We will handle all details of the installation while you sit back and get charged.

    Contact the experts at Brennan Electric today to schedule an estimate for a residential EV charging station in Everett.