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    EV charging stationEV charging stations in Redmond, WA, are becoming popular, especially among electric car users. They allow individuals to charge their vehicle any time they are at home. At public charging stations, there is always a chance that the chargers are out of service or in use. You do not need to look for a station when you have a charger at home. If you live in an area where charging stations are few or far away, this can be especially helpful.

    Having your own EV charger can also save you money. When you charge your car at home, you pay the same rate as you do for your general household use. Public charging stations are often much more expensive. At home, you can also take advantage of off-peak rates. In addition, some utility companies have special rates for people with electric cars.

    EV Charging Stations In Redmond

    It would help if you considered some things before you can get your own electric vehicle charging station. You can choose between two types of chargers: a plug-in charging station and a hardwired charging station. A plug-in charger consists of a cable you plug into your car and the other end into a dedicated outlet. The outlet needs to be a 240-volt outlet which has its circuit. You will need to hire a licensed electrician to wire the circuit.

    Hardwired chargers are permanently installed inside or outside of your home. They connect directly to the electrical panel and have their circuit breaker. You charge your EV by plugging in a flexible conduit cable from the box. Hardwired stations are usually safer than plug-in chargers but are more expensive. You will need a professional to install the charger, as it also requires its circuit.

    Home EV charging stations have many advantages, including:
    • Cost savings
    • Convenience
    • Increased property value
    • Safety
    • Reliability
    • Better battery

    Your Reliable EV Charger Installation Provider

    Installing an EV charger in your home is essential if you have or are considering getting an electric vehicle. It provides convenience and long-term energy savings. The slower charging at home is better for the battery and won’t wear it out as fast.

    To ensure your charging station will serve you as expected, you need an electrician with the experience to install it. Brennan Electric is your local electrical expert with over 35 years in the industry. Our EV charger services include plug-in and hardwired charging stations and installation.

    Our licensed electricians will wire the circuits and provide you with the necessary circuit breakers. Not only that, but we also offer financing on approved credit.

    Choose Brennan Electric for top-quality services and EV charging stations in Redmond.