Recent Electrical Advancements

May 10, 2020

At Brennan Electric, we understand why electricity is important for your comfort and lifestyle. If you’ve ever lost power, you probably felt a huge wave of relief once the electrical grid got back online. Few people would be interested in living without electricity because so many of our daily activities are reliant on electrical power.

Due to advancements in modern technology, today’s electricity provides you with more benefits than ever. Electrical power has become more efficient and less expensive. Read on to learn about some of the best advancements in the electrical industry.

The New Efficiency of Photovoltaic Technology

Photovoltaics enable the generation of electricity through the use of solar cells. The energy provided by the sun is converted into an electronic flow to achieve a photovoltaic effect. This energy can be used for everything from recharging batteries to powering equipment in your home. Recent advancement in this field offers you more effective, less expensive, and safer energy. Different methods are currently being used to collect and distribute more efficient energy.

Advancements in Solar Power

The improvements in solar power are increasing due to solar voltaic glass. Not only is this technology used for window glass, but it is also capable of generating solar power. This type of energy is absorbed from photovoltaic glass using visible wavelengths. The wavelengths are deflected through solar cells located in the edges of the panels. The particles are sensitive to light and coated using conductive materials. When layered correctly, the result is a power generator.

Smart Electrical Grids

Due to the energy source required and the complexity of traditional energy systems, smart electrical grids are increasing in both popularity and importance. This type of innovative grid incorporates new technology at several different levels. The result is an improvement in flow control, automated delivery of service, and the ability to detect malfunctions.

Smart electrical grids increase your efficiency while decreasing your costs. Furthermore, the communication between residential homes, distribution sites, and power plants will be substantially improved.

Wi-Fi Technology

When Wi-Fi initially became available, the number of GBs was limited, Every time the speed increases, your convenience increases as well. The advancements center around the composition and size of the conductor. The fastest Wi-Fi ever used is 40GB. This enables you to transmit or receive data at much faster frequencies. As the wavelength becomes shorter, the power and effectiveness of your Wi-Fi increases.

Electrical Power Converters

The first step is the collection of energy. Once this is accomplished, the energy must be converted before it can be used in your home. A power converter was recently developed to benefit anyone using renewable energy. Your extra energy can now be sent right back to the power grid. Options for rooftop solar will become a lot easier. You will also receive more incentives to use the technology providing energy efficiency.

Smarter Electrical Technology

Modern society is more connected than ever before, including your home. You are now able to connect many of your electronic appliances and devices directly to the internet due to smarter technology. The advantage is real-time data enabling you to understand and decrease your use of energy. The development of wireless sensors will increase the efficiency of your energy use.

This is accomplished with automated control systems for your lighting, cooling, and heating units. Numerous systems can access important data such as outdoor and indoor temperatures, occupancy, light levels, and humidity. Your cost of electricity will decrease significantly due to this technology. As time passes, the communication between your smart appliances will continue to improve because of the interaction with the electric grid.

The Improvement in Lighting for Your Home

Light-emitting diodes or LED lighting has improved a lot. The high-performance lighting available today requires 85% less electricity than a typical incandescent bulb. Your cost for an LED lighting system has decreased due to development and research programs. Your lights will last for a longer period of time while offering you improved efficiency.

The expectation is the efficiency of LED lighting will improve from 125 to 135 for each watt to 230 for each watt. This means you can save money and improve the efficiency of the lighting within your home simply by having an LED lighting system installed.

Increased Efficiency for Your Heat Pumps

New systems for your heat pump are now available to ensure efficient cooling and heating. This type of system moves the warm or cool air from one section of your home to another. A multi-function, fuel-fired heat pump for your home can decrease your energy usage by as much as 30%. You can have a gas heat pump installed that was designed to decrease the cost of heating your home between 30% and 45%.

These systems are far more efficient than the conventional boilers and gas furnaces of the past. The installation of a natural gas air conditioner and heat pump offers you hot water, cooling, and heating throughout your home. This is accomplished with special equipment including a low-emission combustion burner.

Advanced Controls for Your Windows

Microprocessors and sensors are now possible for new insulated windows. You will be able to adjust your shading automatically depending on the time of day and the level of sunlight. The result is more comfort and better lighting in your home. You will also be able to save both money and energy for additional efficiency.

Reflective Materials for Your Roofing

Special pigments are now being used for roofing materials to provide a coating that absorbs less heat and reflects the sun. This is more efficient than a traditional roof. As the fluorescent pigments continue to improve, almost four times as much sunlight will be reflected as opposed to standard pigments. This means your home will remain cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter with less energy.

Insulation for the New Generation

One of the best ways to decrease the cooling and heating costs for your home is with new insulation. Unfortunately, homeowners tend to leave whatever insulation came with their home when they bought it. A new type of foam insulation has been developed using composite materials designed to be friendly to the environment. This will prevent heat from escaping from numerous areas of your home during the winter including your walls and attic.

Improving Your Energy Efficiency

All of us at Brennan Electric understand the importance of improving your home’s energy efficiency, decreasing utility costs and providing benefits for convenience, comfort, and relaxation. For this reason, we offer numerous electrical services related to generators, surge protection, wiring, circuits, outlets, and lighting. With our help, you could finally take advantage of the latest advancements in electrical technology.

Contact the experts at Brennan Electric when you need electrical services. Whether you just have questions or require help with a new installation, our team will be there for you. Our offices are in Seattle and Lynnwood. We look forward to your call.

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