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    You need an experienced company for surge protection in Lynnwood, WA. Your home comfort depends on being able to safely use all of your appliances and electronic devices. Whether you’re using the microwave, charging your phone or doing laundry, consistent power is a daily need. Don’t wait until an unlucky lightning strike or blackout to prepare yourself. Preventing huge power surges protects more than your computer, phone or refrigerator — it protects your home!

    Surge Protection

    Reliable Surge Protection in Lynnwood

    Power surges are a common occurrence in any home that uses electricity. While small power surges throughout the day are normal, large spikes can be a major problem. When a power surge happens, it can cause internal damage to appliances and electronic devices, including shortening their life span. Additionally, it can spark an electrical fire and leave hundreds to thousands of dollars in damage.

    Events that can lead to a power surge:
    • Electrical overload
    • Faulty wiring
    • Lightning strikes
    • Power outages or blackouts

    Surge protectors are the most common devices used to suppress power spikes and keep electronics safe. Many people use power strips or “bricks” because they’re inexpensive and widely available. These types of point-of-use surge protectors are hooked up directly to an outlet.

    High-powered appliances such as microwaves and air conditioners draw a large amount of power. Even if you avoid overloading the circuit by plugging in too many things at once, the higher power demands of these appliances increase the risk of large spikes. A professionally installed whole-home surge protector controls the flow and keeps power surges to a minimum. Though the upfront cost is higher than point-of-use options, whole-home surge protection provides better protection from severe damage.

    Your Surge Protection Team

    Brennan Electric has over three decades of experience providing quality electrical services. When you need surge protection for your Lynnwood home, our skilled electricians are just one call away. As a result of hard work and dedication to customer service, we’ve built a reputation for excellence. We have numerous positive customer reviews, and we’re proud recipients of the 2019 Angi’s List Super Service Award. Whatever electrical service you need, you can be sure we’ll handle it. Our excellent support staff is always ready to answer your questions, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

    Top-Notch Electrical Service

    We offer whole-home electrical services you can trust. Contact Brennan Electric for surge protection in Lynnwood today!