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    If you’re looking for professional surge protection in Marysville, WA, you need the best electrical company around. A properly functioning electrical system is important for home comfort and safety. Every day we use electronic devices to help cook, clean, and entertain ourselves. Protecting the tools we use to make life easier is a good idea. But if you’re not sure if your appliances, devices, and outlets are really protected, don’t wait. Preventing electrical damage keeps your home safely powered day in and day out.

    Surge Protection

    Professional Surge Protection in Auburn

    Surge protection is an important part of protecting appliances and electronic devices. Lightning strikes, power outages, and other unexpected changes in electrical flow can result in damage requiring costly repairs or complete replacements. Fixing faulty wiring and investing in surge protection devices helps reduce the risk of damaging power surges.

    Power surges risk damaging a number of household items:
    • Computers and modems
    • Refrigerators and alarm systems
    • Washers and dryers
    • Satellite and home theater systems
    • Smartphones and game consoles

    Besides frying valuable devices, power surges can also be a fire hazard. Electrical fires often occur when homeowners are least likely to notice them, making proper power management a must. As smart home systems become more popular, surge protection becomes an even greater concern.

    Many people use direct surge protectors, such as plug-in power strips. This type of protection is inexpensive and works well for small power surges that occur frequently throughout the day. However, single-point options aren’t always enough. Having a professional electrician install a whole-home surge protector, which suppresses dangerous power spikes, is the best way to safeguard your home.

    Your Surge Protection Experts

    For more than three decades, Brennan Electric has delivered quality electrical services. Auburn homeowners can count on us to provide the best residential surge protection in the area. By focusing on professionalism and meeting our customers’ needs, we’ve earned a solid reputation and numerous positive reviews to go with it. We’re proud to have earned the 2019 Angi’s List Super Service Award. Our skilled electrical technicians are prepared to handle all kinds of electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance tasks. When you need service, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We provide free estimates for new or replacement systems.

    Top-Notch Electrical Service

    Trust us to deliver the electrical services you need. Contact Brennan Electric for surge protection in Marysville today!