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July 15, 2022
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Updated January 2024

A keyless light fixture is a lamp holder that relies on a remote control rather than a pull chain or a push-rod at the socket to turn it on and off. It is mainly used in residential areas but can also be used in commercial buildings and businesses. If a home isn’t wired for a keyless light fixture, the remodeling process can be done relatively quickly, so long as an electrician is there to handle the process. Once it is correctly wired, it can serve you up to 50 years.

The following are crucial things you should know about keyless light fixtures.


Keyless light fixtures have plenty of features you should know about before determining the type that best suits your home. They are made of different materials, such as plastic and porcelain. They are also available in different sizes, so there is much choice in this aspect. If you are considering having many lights fitted in one place, you should consider a keyless light fixture that can handle multiple lights simultaneously. The size of the fixtures is not necessarily significant, but it determines the ease with which they can be mounted.

The voltages for keyless light fixtures vary from 120 volts to 240 volts, depending on what you prefer. They can all be used by standard wall switches. They are also compatible with different bulbs, including LED, halogen, incandescent, and CFL. However, different features vary depending on the product’s brand or manufacturer. When getting the fixture, one essential factor is the amount of light it can emanate when using the bulb type of your choice. The wattage limit is also significant.


A keyless light fixture is among the best lighting options if you want to reduce the cost of lighting your home or workplace. Its price varies depending on your taste, the material used in making it, and the brand. The average cost is $20. They are very cheap in the long run when you compare them with the cost of an average lamp that will need to be replaced after some time.

But how much money will installing your keyless light fixture cost you? Electricians mostly charge less than $100 per hour. The time taken to complete the job is about two hours if you need several keyless light fixtures installed in your home or business. This means that the maximum amount of money you will spend for installation is about $200.


Keyless light fixtures are much more convenient than other light fixtures that have keys attached to them to turn them on or off. You can operate them from a maximum distance of 40 feet, thus saving you the hassle of walking to the switch whenever you need to light your room. They are also the best choice for your basement or closet.

Additionally, most keyless light fixtures are made of strong plastic, which is hard to break even when the screws are too tight during mounting. This is because most of them are of exceptional quality.


Keyless light fixtures are entirely safe for use in your home or workplace. However, they can be the cause of serious injuries. This always happens when there are some errors during installation, especially if you do not look for professional help during their installation.

There are several signs that might indicate your keyless light fixture might be a threat to your safety or people leaving on the premises. These include buzzing or humming sounds when it is turned on. The sounds indicate damaged wires, which can cause fires, electrocutions, and explosions. In addition, signs such as flickering or dimming lights, burning smell, and signs of scorching indicate an issue with the fixture’s normal functioning. If you are a resident of Seattle and are experiencing these issues with the fixture in your home, you can reach out to the experienced electricians from Brennan Electric. We will inspect the wiring in your home and resolve the issue with your keyless light fixture to avoid unnecessary accidents such as fires and electrocutions.

Ease of Installation

Keyless light fixtures can be installed anywhere in your house. Some people may not be conversant with wiring, so they might need the help of an electrician to install it for them. However, if you can do it yourself, ensure you take the necessary precautions during installation. For instance, ensure to shut off the power to the main circuit before installation. However, you need to be aware that even when the main circuit is switched off, there are possibilities of a live wire. Additionally, ensure you do not exceed the maximum wattage required for the fixture.

The initial goal of the installation is to connect the keyless light fixture with your home’s wiring system to its switch. Connect the neutral white wire from your home’s wiring system to the silver screw on the fixture and the black wire on the gold screw using your spanner. The only precaution is to ensure that the ground wire does not come into contact with your keyless light fixture. Tighten the fixture’s connection to your home’s wiring system by screwing it against the surface you want to install. Afterward, turn on your light fixture with its remote control to see if it works.

Easy to Operate

The fact that most keyless light fixtures come with remote controls makes them even easier to control because anyone in your house can operate them. When the switch is not placed too high, even a two-year-old child can efficiently utilize it, contrary to the pull-chain fixture that requires an adult who is tall enough to reach the chain. In addition, you do not need to be in the same room to turn your fixture on or off, thus making it ideal. Additionally, the fact that these light fixtures are easy to operate makes them suitable for spaces used by the elderly.


Does your keyless light fixture require maintenance? Absolutely. However, you do not have to worry about scheduling countless maintenance appointments. Scheduling one check-up appointment every year is enough. You can also decide to conduct thorough maintenance on your light fixture without professional assistance. All you have to do is clean and dust it. This ensures that its output does not diminish due to dust. Dust accumulation can decrease its functionality by up to 10% a year, even in a relatively clean environment.

In addition, it would be best if you used the correct replacement bulbs to ensure maximum performance. Moreover, keep water away from your keyless light fixture and refrain from installing it in humid places. This is because humid conditions will reduce its durability.

Contact the Professionals

Keyless light fixtures are convenient, versatile, and very safe. Brennan Electric provides quality electrical services for the residents of Seattle and its surroundings. We have a team of very skilled professionals in our company that help repair, install, and maintain your smoke detectors, circuit breakers, lighting receptacles, and fuse boxes. We also do light fixture installations, LED lighting upgrades, 220-volt to 110-volt conversion, generator transfer switches, and circuit upgrades. We also sell a wide range of generators that can benefit your home in case of blackouts or power outages. Our services are affordable and of high quality.

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