Why Hiring an Electrician For Rewiring Your Home is Essential

April 9, 2024

If you’re a homeowner here in the Seattle, WA, area, you may eventually need to have your home rewired. Sometimes, your home electrical system might not work well for you anymore. This can be because the wiring is too old and can’t safely handle your electrical needs. It might also be because the way you use electricity at home has changed, but your electrical setup hasn’t changed with it.

Or it could be that you need more power than your current system can provide. Whatever the reason, though, it’s not a job you can afford to entrust to anyone but a licensed, bonded, and experienced electrician. There are a variety of reasons why that’s the case. Here are the five most important reasons you must hire a licensed, bonded, and experienced electrician for your home rewiring project.

1. Safety

The most important reason you should hire an electrician to rewire your home is that it would be unsafe to tackle it yourself. Over 9% of all residential fires each year happen due to electrical malfunctions. Therefore, you need to make sure every change to your home electrical system gets made correctly and with care. That can ensure the safety of your home itself as well as all its inhabitants.

When you call Brennan Electric about a full-home rewiring job, we don’t approach it lightly. We begin with a complete inspection and mapping of your existing electrical infrastructure. Then, we collaborate with you to determine your electrical needs and make a reasonable estimate of what those needs might be in the future. Only then can we sketch out your new, rewired electrical system. Then, once you sign off, we’ll get the required work done safely, quickly, and while following all relevant local building codes.

2. Minimizing Disruption

Rewiring an entire home is a big job. Whoever put in your original wiring had the benefit of being able to do their work before the walls in your home had sheetrock installed. That means they had a free hand to make holes in the woodwork of your home and pull wires through with no obstructions. In a finished home, rewiring means finding ways to pull cables through finished walls while minimizing any damage to them. That’s not easy to do.

Our electricians know all the techniques and tricks required to rewire your home with minimal disruption to you or your finished walls. They can sketch out a plan to rewire your home that takes advantage of things like baseboard molding, which can hide necessary openings. Plus, they excel at working in tight spaces, so whatever openings they must make will be as small and easy to repair as possible. If you tried to do the work yourself, you would end up with a much bigger mess to clean up due to a simple lack of experience with rewiring finished spaces.

3. Legality

Here in the Seattle area, you need a permit before you can carry out a home rewiring project. Getting one requires extensive knowledge of local building and electrical codes and the experience of knowing when the work will require planning reviews or post-installation inspections. Although you can legally navigate that process yourself, the odds of making what could be a costly mistake are high. And you can’t skip the process entirely, or you may run into serious problems if you ever need or want to sell your home.

Our team knows all the relevant codes and the permit process inside and out. That means we can shepherd your rewiring project through any red tape and ensure that your home meets every legal requirement. As a result, you will never have any legal issues before, during, or after any home rewiring project we complete.

4. Insurance Coverage

As a homeowner, you’re no doubt aware of how important it is to have homeowner’s insurance. Certain types of mortgages even make having appropriate insurance coverage a requirement. However, your insurance policy may not mean much if you give your insurer an excuse to refuse payment in the event of a covered incident. DIY electrical wiring is a big red flag for insurers. So, if you have an electrical incident in your home that results in damage, many insurers will blame your DIY wiring job for it by default.

Having a licensed and bonded professional electrician ensures that you won’t end up in that kind of situation. Our insurance coverage means your home and belongings remain protected throughout the rewiring process. And insurers won’t be able to deny you payment if you ever have an electrical problem in your home because you entrusted the work to a professional.

5. Functionality

Another important reason you should hire a professional electrician to handle your rewiring job is that you want your new wiring to be functional. Planning a whole-home rewiring job isn’t easy, even if you’re only aiming for an in-place replacement of existing wiring. However, rewiring your home provides a rare opportunity to remake the electrical infrastructure in your home suit your specific needs. It’s a chance to eliminate outlets in places where you don’t need them and install ones where you do. If you’ve never dealt with the wiring plan for an entire home, that isn’t easy to do correctly on your own.

Only an experienced electrician can help you decide what changes to make to your wiring and which changes are either unnecessary or a bad idea. Collaborating with a professional will help ensure that you’ll be happy with the final results of the project. It also ensures that your new wiring will meet your needs now and for the expected lifespan of the new wiring itself. Otherwise, you could end up going through a whole lot of effort only to wish you’d done things a bit differently—and potentially spending even more money to correct any oversights.

Local Whole-Home Rewiring Experts

Since 1987, Brennan Electric has been the go-to provider of whole-home rewiring services in and around Seattle. Our team of licensed, insured, and experienced electricians can make the process of rewiring your home as simple as it can be. Plus, we offer a host of other useful electrical services as well.

These include everything from simple electrical repairs and electrical panel replacements to hot tub wiring, EV charger installation, and surge protection. We also sell and install backup generator systems to ensure that your home has power in the event of a grid failure.

And we provide financing options on approved credit to help you afford the electrical service and improvements your home needs. Additionally, as a recipient of the 2019 Angi Super Service Award, you can be confident that we’ll provide quality workmanship and flawless customer service whenever you work with us. Our extensive list of glowing customer reviews is even further proof of that. So, if you need your Seattle home rewired, don’t try and handle it yourself. Instead, contact Brennan Electric today and let our expert electricians take care of the job for you.

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